New Year’s Message

January 7, 2013

For immediate release:


Saanichton, B.C.

The Central Saanich Police Service would like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year to all our E-Alert subscribers. We thank you for your participation and interest and we are committed to continuing to provide timely and useful information to you.

We would also like to recognize Cpl Janis Jean who retired in December 2012.  Cpl Jean had an exceptional and distinguished career of community service and was responsible for many of the innovative services we provide, including the E-Alert program.  Her smiling face and caring spirit will be greatly missed at the Central Saanich Police headquarters.

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Vehicle Break In’s and Vandalism

Saanichton, B.C.

Central Saanich Police Service is investigating a recent rash of vehicles being broken into in the Keating Cross Road and Tanner Ridge areas.

Over the past few nights there have been several  incidents of crimes involving  theft and vandalism to cars.   Some of the vehicles were broken into and items stolen.   However, in other incidents the suspect used a sharp instrument  to slash tires and  vandalize the interior of the cars.     A  Garmin GPS unit, electronics,  and personal items were stolen,  damage to vehicles was extensive.

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The Amanda Todd Tragedy

I think we all grieved  upon hearing the details in the news coverage of the suicide of the young Coquitlam teen Amanda Todd.   As the story unfolded, many of us tried to make sense of the death of such a young girl with so much promise.  Instead of dreaming of her future like most 15 year old girls,  Amanda was living in a nightmare with ruthless tormentors.   Since learning of this tragedy I have had several conversations with fellow officers about the Amanda Todd case.

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Back to School

September  4th marks the return to school for children  in Central Saanich and the Greater Victoria Area.  This means school buses will be highly visible on our streets.  School bus safety and safe driving habits need to be on the minds of everyone, from drivers, parents, caregivers, crossing guards and bus operators as the school year commences.

Take a moment to remind yourselves that children are out on the roads and sidewalks.  We have a responsibility to drive safely to ensure everyone’s return to school is as safe as possible. Remember, allow extra time for getting around, especially in the morning and during the afternoon rush.

School Zones in Central Saanich are 30km/hr during the school day, 8am-5pm.

Here are a few other back to school reminders

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Canada Day Hockey

Sidney Canada Day Celebration at Iroquois Park in Sidney.

As part of the festivities,  the  Central Saanich Police the the Service to take on the youth in a friendly game of a road hockey.  It was an all out battle with several  flattened tennis balls being  the only causality.

The outcome ended in a tie.

Cpl. Pat Bryant, Youth Liaison Officer

New Recruits off to Police Academy

Sgt. Andy Duke recently completed the process of selecting two new recruits to join the Central Saanich Police Service.  The two successful candidtates were Anil APA (left) and Nigel SMALLWOOD (right).   Sgt. Duke has provided  some insight into  our selection process and given us some background into our candidate’s experience and education.     We look forward to Cst. SMALLWOOD and Cst. APA joining us at Central Saanich Police Service.  

Central Saanich Police has hired two new recruits to the Service.  The process began back in August of 2011 and initially began with a view to hiring one new recruit.  Very quickly, fifty-four applicants applied for this one position.  The process to become a police officer is lengthy, detailed and quite arduous.  Applicants submit themselves to writing a lengthy application, a detailed integrity and lifestyle questionnaire, a written exam, numerous interviews, physical testing, an assessment of their abilities to perform and record information under stress, medical testing, a polygraph test and a detailed background investigation. 

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Identify Theft – It Could Happen To You!

Farid is one of our Community Office Volunteers. Farid  has researched the topic of Identity Theft and provided a very interesting article on how to prevent it from happening to you.    

What is identity Theft and Identity Fraud?

Identity theft refers to the preparatory stage of acquiring and collecting someone else’s personal information for criminal purposes. Identity fraud is the actual deceptive use of the identity information of another person (living or dead) in connection with various frauds (including for example personating another person and the misuse of debit card or credit card data).

Your identity as a Canadian is far more than your height, weight and good looks. Banks and credit card companies in Canada don’t care about the colour of your eyes, hair or skin. In fact, in this online world, you may never meet a person face-to-face to get approval for a loan, line of credit, mortgage, insurance policy or credit card. That’s why your financial identity is your most important personal asset. And that’s why the cruellest white-collar crime is identity theft.

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Warm Weather Fraud Scams

Coreen, one of our Brentwood Community Police Volunteers,  has researched warm weather fraud scams.    It is a good read and we hope you can learn a few tips to avoid becoming a victim:  

Now that the warm weather is upon us, “springtime scams” are already starting to bloom in communities.  We generally like to relax during the warmer months of the year, but criminals are never on vacation.  Because more people are out and about, mowing their lawns, planting gardens, and painting their homes, they are easy targets for shady characters looking to make a fast dollar.  These rip-off artists usually go door-to-door offering a variety of home improvements and repairs from roof and chimney repair, gutter cleaning, roofing, driveway sealing, tree trimming, etc.  Take a little time to protect your property and valuables with these commonsense measures.

Home Improvement Scams
Home Improvement scams wear many faces, but most of them emulate, in some form, the “travelling handyman”.  A person knocks on a door, saying they’re doing other work in the neighbourhood or that they have leftover supplies from a different job.  They offer to do some work, take the money in advance, and are never seen again.  This is a common ploy of fly-by-night contractors who often use their pickup trucks as their places of business.  Of course, there are many variations on this theme, but they all have the same goal: to separate trusting homeowners from their money.

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Lock Away Your Garage Door Openers!

After an attempt break and enter to a home on Stelly’s Cross Road early yesterday morning,  Central Saanich Police Service is reminding our E-Alert Community that burglars will sometimes access homes in ways we don’t always suspect.

Central Saanich Police responded to a home in the Stelly’s Cross Road neighbourhood after a resident reported waking up in the middle of the night after his garage door was opened by an unknown person.    No access was gained to the interior of the house, however,  it was possibly the intent of the burglar.

Police are advising that is not just through windows or back doors that criminals will try and gain entry to your home.   Sometimes they will access your home through the ease of  opening your garage door.   An unsuspecting home owner may leave a garage door opener  inside their car and have it stolen (along with your insurance papers with your home address).  In possession of your garage door remote, burglars can come to your home and have easy access to your garage.Occasionally, through software and sophisticated electronic devices, burglars can determine the radio frequency of your garage door opener and access your garage and potentially your home.     

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Business Break and Enter Attempt

Central Saanich Police Service is investigating a break and enter attempt to  a business in Brentwood Bay that occurred this morning. 

At approximately 2:40am  police responded to an alarm at a business in the 7000 block of West Saanich Road.     Upon arrival officers located evidence of a break and enter attempt, however, the break-in was not successful and burglars had not gained access to the business.    Central Saanich Police Service also investigated a similar incident to a business on Keating Cross Road that occurred last month, however, the culprits had entered the business on Keating Cross Road.  

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