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Increased Darkness = Extra Vigilance for Pedestrians / Cyclists / Wildlife

Many people will travel to and possibly from work during the dark.  The clothing worn by many individuals is very dark in color and can provide challenges to drivers in the early morning and late afternoon, while driving.  This is a reminder to be extra vigilant during winter driving, and to drive according to the road and weather conditions

 Please note that:

  •  Individuals that are walking/running to work are recommended to wear clothing that is highly reflective or carry a light to ensure that you are seen by motorists during these times.


  •  Cyclists should check their equipment and ensure that all lights are functioning properly.  It is also recommended that reflective clothing is worn to increase their visibility to motorists.


  • Individuals are reminded that wildlife inhabits or transits through our area in Central Saanich.  Deer can be a particular concern when driving, as many can be observed on the verges of roadways or on the roads themselves.  Reducing your speed limit on the road reduces the danger posed from deer / vehicle accidents.


  • For an overview on emergency driving, environmental hazards, night hazards, what to do when animals are on the road, and collision avoidance please take a moment to review the following ICBC summary:

  Watch for Pedestrians as a Driver!

 You always need to watch out for pedestrians. Like all road users, they can be unpredictable. You never know when a child might dash into the street, or someone might step out from behind a parked car. And pedestrians are often hard to see, especially at night.

 Scan at crosswalks and intersections — many pedestrians are unaware of the distance it takes a vehicle to stop. Any time you approach a crosswalk or intersection you should:


  • Be aware of vision blocks. Don’t pass if you see a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk — it’s illegal and unsafe;


  • Don’t enter a crosswalk without checking to see that it’s safe to do so, even when the light is green;


  • Watch out for pedestrians on the cross street/corner whenever you make a turn; and


  • Know the rules — you must yield to pedestrians:


• in marked crosswalks that are in your lane or closely approaching your lane; or


• when entering a road from a driveway or alley.


Being a Safe Pedestrian. Your responsibility!


Just as drivers need to carefully observe for pedestrians, pedestrians also need to carefully observe for drivers. You can make yourself safer when you are walking by remembering a few simple rules:


  • Do not leave the curb unless you are sure the approaching vehicles on the cross street have stopped or will stop;


  • Watch for vehicles that are turning;


  • Do not start to cross if the traffic signal is flashing a warning (for example, an orange hand);


  • Use crosswalks. Don’t jaywalk;


  • Always activate the pedestrian crossing signal if there is one;


  • During low light conditions, wear clothing that is highly reflective or carry a light to ensure that you are seen by driver;


  • Know the rules — you must yield to motorists when crossing a street at a point that is not a crosswalk.


• For more information please see the BC Motor Vehicle Act at–%20M%20–/Motor%20Vehicle%20Act%20RSBC%201996%20c.%20318/00_Act/96318_05.xml#section179




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