Residential Break and Enter in Saanichton

Central Saanich Police Service is advising our community of a daytime residential Break and Enter that occurred yesterday afternoon in the 6900blk of Central Saanich Road.     This incident follows a previous  residential Break and Enter reported last week in the 7400blk of East Saanich Road.

At yesterday’s Break and Enter it appears the culprit(s) entered the home via a window and ransacked the house.  Stolen items include  computer equipment, jewelry and liquor.     Police investigators and Forensic Identification Specialists are reviewing the evidence and the investigation is ongoing.  Central Saanich Police Service is asking the public to be on the look out for any suspicious activity and report it to  police immediately.   


·        Someone knocking at your front door.  When you answer it they make up a story to explain why they are there.     For example “I am looking for Mike” or soliciting some kind of non existent work ( yard work, window cleaning, gutter work etc) or charity.       

·        Someone at your neighbour’s home knocking on the door.    If no one answers the door the culprits will walk around to the side or back of the house to find a window or door to break into.   If you see this call the police right away!

·        A vehicle driving slowly down you street looking at homes.  Sometimes suspects will enter a driveway or park down the street before  breaking into a home.  Record license plates and report to police! 

·        A person(s) walking down a street slowly, looking into yards and homes.   Often they will work in pairs and one of the subjects will stay back and watch out for police as a look out.    

·        Be suspicious and trust your instincts. 


·        Have your home look occupied during the day if you are at work or school.  Leave on music, have lights on timers and don’t leave papers on the front door step.

·        Lock all windows and doors before you leave for the day (and at night when you go to sleep).

·        Don’t let trees or bushes get so overgrown that a burglar can  hide in them.   Allow people to be able to have a clear view of your doors and windows from the street.   

·        Keep your garage door shut and locked. 

·        Have good quality locks on all your doors and windows. 

·        If you can afford it – get an alarm system. 

·        Get to know your neighbours and watch out for one another. 

·        Form a Block Watch in your neighbourhood.  

If you have any information about this crime or if you see any suspicious activity please contact Central Saanich Police Service  at 250-652-4441. 


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