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Few people are aware of the close working relationship we have with the Sidney RCMP. They see us as being two distinct agencies.   Yet, in the minds of those of us in the profession, there are no distinctive borders when it comes to providing security and protection, particularly for people who live on the Saanich Peninsula.  Last week is one of many examples of how our two agencies  continually  work together and pool our resources to get things done.

Our officers were dispatched to an alarm that had been set off in a local business in the Keating Industrial area. When two suspects were seen fleeing from the building by the attending officers, all units from both agencies quickly responded to the scene apprehending the two suspects who had gone to ground near some fencing.  Shortly after that, our Police Service were dispatched to a report of a pick up truck driving erratically tearing up yards in a four wheel drive. With the direction of travel of the suspect vehicle unknown, both agencies began looking for the vehicle. One of the Sidney RCMP officers located it near our North Border. In the end he arrested the driver for impaired driving and I conducted the breath tests at our office. The driver was found to be operating the vehicle while being over twice the legal limit. He was charged with impaired driving and the vehicle was removed from the road as it was in such poor mechanical condition it was a safety hazard. There were three other passengers in the vehicle all of which had been drinking as well.

I am often at words to explain why people continue to make such poor choices in their lives. With 25 years of police service behind me I am often asked that question. I don’t offer up much of an answer because I really don’t have one. In this case three people make a decision to climb into a vehicle that simply by a visual inspection alone, one could see it was in very poor condition.  In addition to this, they had been drinking with the driver throughout the night but that didn’t seem to be a concern to them. Given his level of intoxication, I find it difficult to believe they did not ask themselves “should I really be going with this person in that vehicle”?  It’s all about choices. With the exception of some minor property damage,  no one was hurt but we all know it could have been a lot worse. Much worse.

I took a bit of family time off the next set of days off to spend some time with my sister visiting  from Winnipeg. We were walking down by the Inner Harbour in Victoria when I received a call from one of my team members at 1.30 in the afternoon. He was looking for a breath test technician to do tests on an impaired driver involved in a collision.  One of the Sidney RCMP members helped us out and did the test for us given the time delays were are faced with. The driver was found to be just shy of three times the legal limit. Another one of my team members then picked up a second impaired driver around 4 o’clock later that afternoon.  Remarkably, that driver was also just shy of three times the legal limit. Choices.

Sgt. Rick Maillot

Central Saanich Police Service

“D” Watch

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