Don’t Invite the ” Green Thumb Burglar” into your Home!

Spring has sprung and many of us are thinking about planting flowers, fertilizing the lawn or just spending long awaited time outside in the yard.      Unfortunately, this weather often makes crooks think of new opportunities to get into your home and steal your valuables.       When the weather becomes warmer the Green Thumb Burglar comes out of hibernation!

How does the Green Thumb Burglar operate?   When the weather is warmer, residents tend to leave  windows and doors open for variety of reasons.   This is often when we are working in the garden or just outside enjoying some long awaited sunshine.        The Green Thumb Burglar  is not breaking down your door or forcing your  windows.   This crook  simply enters your home through unlocked doors or windows while you are outside.     The Green Thumb Burglar is an opportunist and will watch for people tending to their garden and he will  quietly  slip into their  home and quickly make off with  wallets, jewelry or other valuables

 Please enjoy the sunshine but don’t give any “window” of opportunity to this  burglar.

 Report all suspicious activity to police.

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