New Recruits off to Police Academy

Sgt. Andy Duke recently completed the process of selecting two new recruits to join the Central Saanich Police Service.  The two successful candidtates were Anil APA (left) and Nigel SMALLWOOD (right).   Sgt. Duke has provided  some insight into  our selection process and given us some background into our candidate’s experience and education.     We look forward to Cst. SMALLWOOD and Cst. APA joining us at Central Saanich Police Service.  

Central Saanich Police has hired two new recruits to the Service.  The process began back in August of 2011 and initially began with a view to hiring one new recruit.  Very quickly, fifty-four applicants applied for this one position.  The process to become a police officer is lengthy, detailed and quite arduous.  Applicants submit themselves to writing a lengthy application, a detailed integrity and lifestyle questionnaire, a written exam, numerous interviews, physical testing, an assessment of their abilities to perform and record information under stress, medical testing, a polygraph test and a detailed background investigation.  Completing this process is quite an achievement in itself.  We eventually identified two outstanding candidates and due to some changes in personnel, as the process concluded in March 2012, the Service found itself in the fortunate position to be able to take two new recruits, something that has never happened before in the history of the Service.

Our two new members headed off to the Police Academy in April.  Anil APA  is originally from Turkey and holds a degree in economics.  He also served as a sergeant in the Turkish army.  Since coming to Canada he has been part of the Victoria Police Reserves, worked in positions of authority and he takes an active role volunteering in the community.  Nigel SMALLWOOD is originally from England where he worked as an investigator for Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and the Serious Organized Crime Agency.  After coming to Canada he obtained further education, his commercial pilots license and he volunteers with civil air search and rescue.  The training at the Police Academy in Vancouver, bisected with some patrol training at Central Saanich, will have these new police officers qualified and ready to take on their new roles in December 2012.  We very much look forward to their arrival back here, trained and raring to go.

Sgt. Andy DUKE

Central Saanich Police Service




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