The Amanda Todd Tragedy

I think we all grieved  upon hearing the details in the news coverage of the suicide of the young Coquitlam teen Amanda Todd.   As the story unfolded, many of us tried to make sense of the death of such a young girl with so much promise.  Instead of dreaming of her future like most 15 year old girls,  Amanda was living in a nightmare with ruthless tormentors.   Since learning of this tragedy I have had several conversations with fellow officers about the Amanda Todd case.

Like many of you,  we have listened to the news coverage and watched Amanda’s heartbreaking You Tube video in efforts to understand how this could have happened and what we can do to prevent it from ever happening again.  As police officers we are often  first on the scene when tragedy strikes and we seek ways to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.    Our eyes are not only eyes of a police officer when we see these tragedies,  we see them as parents, husbands,  wives and fellow community members.

The circumstances leading up to Amanda’s death are multi layered and complex involving cyber bullying, bullying and a host of other factors.  The police investigation into the circumstances is a dedicated one.  Hopefully,  when the investigation is concluded,  we will learn ways to prevent this from happening again and Amanda’s death will not be in vain.    It takes a village to raise a child; it is my hope that collectively we can all offer support, friendship, kindness  or a simple referral  to those in our community who need it.   There is no single answer on how we keep our kids safe.    However, if we keep the conversations going and provide support to those who may be in need we can make a difference in many lives.    I want to share with our E-ALERT community some options that are available to assist children, youth and families on issues surrounding bullying, cyber crimes and mental health support.


In addition to the agencies noted above, Cpl. Pat Bryant,  the Central Saanich Police Service Youth Resource Officer,  is available to assist children, youth and families.   Cpl. Bryant has been in the schools talking to parents, youth and teachers about bullying, cyber bullying and internet safety.     He can be reached at #250-652-4441.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message.    We value the partnership with our community in our endeavor  to keep children and youth safe.  Please forward this E-Alert to anyone that may benefit from knowing these available resources.   If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please let us know.


Thank you,


Cpl. Janis Jean


Community Liaison Officer

Central Saanich Police Service

1903 Mount Newton Cross Road,  Saanichton, B.C.

V8M 2A9

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